Anal Orgasm

Anal orgasm

Anal orgasm is basically how it sounds like—stimulating an orgasm through the anus, it does not matter how–thorough fingering, tongue fucking, or penetration. Now, this may seem like risky and challenging activities that would often be done by homosexual couples, but the truth is it is just as popular among heterosexual couples. Fucking in the ass is the new trend for the asshole is tighter and thus creating more stimulation for the cock. It is also the reason why ass is becoming the more in-demand body part of both female and male bodies in recent times. Anal orgasm usually hurt for women but is incredibly arousing and feels better for men, however a lot of women also like to be fucked from behind and actually enjoy the pain. Anal orgasm is a popular fetish and is often achieved by inserting of the cock, fingering, and even licking. Despite the initial pain, hitting the A-spot of the vagina is actually a lot more achievable through anal fucking, it is the part of the female body where when touched—can make the woman extremely and quickly wet. Anal fucking is not simply done and a lot of couples do preparations in achieving this kind of orgasm. An example would be taking a warm bath to loosen tight muscles for easy and smoother entry of the cock into the butthole. There is also often a generous amount of lube when doing anal fucking—it is to assist the entry and easier access and exit.

Anal Fucking

One can also use the tongue in other to achieve anal orgasm—it may not directly stimulate the correct spots but will definitely set the mood and get the lady wet before the penetration. While doing anal fucking using tongue or dick—the man may touch the pussy of woman from the back and in order to conduct two separate stimulation and pleasure the lady. Often times anal fucking is done by a doggy position but this may also be exhibited sideways or by having the receiving partner lie down with their butts exposed. This is popular for this very reason, having your receiving partner be in a doggy position makes them very vulnerable for not being able to face you. It sets the dominant mood and makes the man be more aggressive when fucking. The woman or the receiving partner being on all fours is an extreme turn on for everybody. You can also easily slap the ass cheeks of the lady when doing this while also fondling her breasts and rubbing her vagina.

So, do not feel weird for having this kind of fetish and wanting to try this challenging activity. Anal sex is vastly consumed and popular, you are definitely not alone! You will be surprised at how popular anal fucking and anal orgasm are in the porn media. In fact, if you visit , you will access several videos of anal sex and anal orgasm—this is achievable but takes time. However, given that, these videos uploaded on the website above contains the only high definition and premium quality with no video clip exceeding 30 minutes. This is perfect to see the entire process of anal sex and see for yourself that anal orgasm is absolutely achievable. They are interconnected with different porn genres to add colors to the narrative!

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