Did you know that humans have engaged in oral sex for almost as long as the ancient civilization? Numerous tombs in Egypt had been found to contain images of people engaging in oral sex, which just means that this particular sex act was already popular even way back then. You would even think that performing oral sex stopped in between, especially during the medieval times, but nope, people still did it even if there were rules set limiting them to only have sex for reproduction and not for pleasure. Heck, even the famous ancient erotic script Kama Sutra had descriptions of people connecting their mouth to their partner’s genitals in various, often complicated positions. Giving fellatio or stimulating a man’s penis using one’s mouth, and cunnilingus or doing the same, only on a woman’s vagina has been performed for a long time, probably even before the ancient civilization was formed, as there is currently no proof that it was done way before, but also no proof to say that it wasn’t. And today, it’s easy to say that you do not need to be sexually adventurous to do this deed, as even the non-adventurous heterosexual couples have already tried it at least once during their whole sex lives. Given all that, oral sex is a wonderful thing, and it is here to stay for years to come.

Asian Sixty-Nine

As mentioned earlier, performing oral sex isn’t exclusive to those couples who want to explore more about their sexuality. Even the shyest of people would do it if given the chance. And generally, Asians are seen as shy and reserved people. They tend to keep their sex lives private and are embarrassed when topics about sex are brought up in gatherings. But don’t be surprised, because Asians love performing this infamous sex act as well. And not just regular fellatio or cunnilingus. Asians love doing the 69 sex position. Who wouldn’t, given that both parties would enjoy the mutual act of stimulating each other’s gonads. And for those of you who don’t know how this particular sex position works, imagine you and your partner follow the position that represents the two numbers, with the circle part being your head and the tail part being your genitals. That means you would be facing your partner’s dick or pussy while she faces yours. Doing the 69 position benefits both you and your partner, as you can both pleasure your partner, and be pleasured by your partner at the same time.

Asian 69 sex is not as uncommon as you think. Even if most Asians prefer not requesting particular sex positions from their partners, this would be one of the few exceptions that they would come forward and ask to try it. And it’s pretty rare for their partners to decline, given that they’ll also benefit from doing it. You can see it all happen clearly once you visit , where you’ll find Asian 69 sex videos featuring both ends of the spectrum – the shyest couples and the most adventurous ones.

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