Shhhh! Let me tell you something… ASMR porn is taking the world by storm and this sexy whispering is designed to stimulate you in a completely different way. Looking for something new? We’ve got you covered with all the ASMR fun you can imagine. For those who are unfamiliar with the term, ASMR is all about expertly balanced audio and the effect that has on your dong.

ASMR Audio Sex

Visual stimulation is only part of the equation. You have a host of senses that help bring information and sensations to your brain. The idea behind ASMR makes use of your ears and keeps your lobes burning with anticipation. Take time to notice the more subtle things in life and turn your auditory canals into two little tunnels of love. For fans of this genre, nudity takes a backseat to sexy and hard to reproduce sounds. This redefines the term audiophile!  

YouTubers and live cam performers have been exploring the use of targeted whispering and ASMR for years. Fans are quick to enter the newest and biggest ASMR experiences to get a taste of all the pulse-pounding and immersive audio. It is common for performers to make use of systems used to record audio for VR and other similar productions. The binaural sounds and other effects blend to produce a uniquely satisfying video. Sound effects can be sexy and here you’ll see there’s a whole universe of adult audio to immerse yourself in.

You dance to the beat of a different drum and demand the tools and options tailored to your needs. Pick from the newest or most viewed videos in this category to stay up-to-date with the very best. Once you’ve found the video you wish to play, select it from the thumbnails displayed and continue to the video playback page. Useful vid navigation and other options are available so you can get the seamless digital playtime you deserve. The hair on the back of your neck will stand on end with every single sexy syllable. You could listen to these cuties read the phone book and in some cases, they are! Take dirty talk to a new satisfying level and concentrate on the delivery over the content. Want girls with accents? How about sweet and innocent cuties talking dirty? Or even the gentle sound of rubbing? We’ve got it all right here at the ASMR sex collection at

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