There’s something about a woman’s behind that you just can’t find in boobs. Sure, boobs are great. They’re soft, they bounce, they’re nice to suck on. You can even stick your dick in between those mountains. But with asses, it’s a completely different story. You can literally fuck a girl’s ass, and it’s way better than just having your dick sandwiched in between a woman’s bossom. Vaginas can be fucked, too. And they’re actually the first choice whenever you have sex. But with asses, not every girl would let you enter theirs. It’s understandable, given that the anus can’t produce natural lubricants unlike vaginas. But there are a few notable reasons why going through the backdoor is another great option when it comes to penetrating her holes. You won’t need to worry about knocking your girl up if you fuck her in the ass. It’s only natural, since your sperm won’t be able to partner up with her egg cells. It’s the wrong hole, after all!

Anal Sex and Ass Play

Women love getting their asses slapped, as it turns them on as it hurts them, just like how spicy food enhances your appetite. You definitely can’t do that with breasts though. It would surely hurt so much, with the possibility of giving her breast cancer as well. But with asses, even if slapping them would cause bumps and bruises, it won’t really cause long-lasting damage to her. And let’s not get started about how versatile asses are, unless you want to spend the whole day talking about asses. Well, you would most certainly do, given that asses are the best part of a woman’s body, and having a nice set of butt cheeks is surely at the top of the list for most men. Talking about asses would definitely make these men crave for more ass slapping and fucking!

There are lots of different types of asses, and there is surely an ass that will fit your preferences. There are flat asses, perky asses, round asses, wide asses, you name it! Even if you’re a person who has never liked asses before, once you see how enjoyable tapping a woman’s behind is, you will surely never turn back from that. That especially holds true if you’ve already experienced anal sex. The first few instances would surely be challenging, the lack of lube, the difference in sensation as compared to penetrating vaginas, and the possible accidents every now and then. But once you hit the right spot, it should be smooth sailing from here on out. And if you think that your girl’s ass hole won’t be able to handle your dick, then think again! It’s even possible to put in a whole clenched fist inside a woman’s anus, so your dick isn’t really something that is a cause for concern. She just needs to be relaxed and prepared, especially if she hasn’t done it before. Well, it’s a similar case with vaginas anyway, so just make sure to have lots of patience and apply lots of lube before you finally fuck her up in the ass!

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