They’re round, they’re smooth, they’re shiny, they’re bouncy, they’re meaty. It might be confusing if you describe it like that. A lot of things can fit the shoe, but if you’re horny like everyone else, then you know exactly what this is all about! Butts, asses, behinds, whatever you want to call them. For a man, there’s nothing more exciting than seeing a woman’s rump in all its naked glory. Slapping a woman’s ass is something that both the giver and the receiver enjoys, unlike when you slap a girl’s boobs. Not only does it hurt for her, it won’t be as soft and bouncy like her ass. Just because you can’t slap them doesn’t mean a woman’s boobs aren’t great. It’s nice to grope and lick a woman’s tits, but you’re just limited to that. With a woman’s ass, you can grope it, grind your crotch on it, lick the hole in between those butt cheeks of hers, and even put your dick in that same hole if she allows you to do so. Asses are very versatile when it comes to having sex. And even if it doesn’t produce natural lubricants like how a woman’s vagina can, there are plenty of lubes out there that you can buy to make the whole trip into her backdoor as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

Ass Porn

Now, you should already be convinced that asses are the best, especially if your partner is on her monthly cycle. Unless you’re a pirate who is brave enough to sail the red sea, then you won’t be getting it until she’s done with that. There’s also the fact that she might not be comfortable doing it during that time, even if you insist that you don’t mind getting dirtier than usual. With asses, no monthly cycle can stop you from putting your dick in between those healthy butt cheeks of hers. But that would only be the case if she’s open to taking your dick from behind. In most cases, you won’t be given entry at all. So the next best thing you could do is give her an assjob.

You might think that asses aren’t as sensitive as pussies because it’s not built to be an entry point for sexual pleasure. But on the contrary, butts still have those receptors that send signals up a woman’s brain when it gets stimulated, especially when you rub it on her ass hole. Just one touch and she would surely feel all that stimulation! Getting an assjob is actually fun, and giving one is equally enjoyable. Rubbing your dick on her bare hole would surely give you both that electrifying feeling which can’t be replicated when you rub it on her pussy. Licking it is also a great idea if you both want to experience an entirely new way of giving and receiving pleasure. While rimming, which is the act of licking the butthole of your partner, is essentially a whole different activity than just giving an assjob, it’s good to focus more on the latter to let you see that ass play isn’t as scary as you think.And the first step to enjoying this wonderful, but usually disregarded way to spice up your sex life – the assjob – would be to visit .

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