It’s not really a surprise that the beach is one of the most popular destinations whenever someone goes on a vacation. The beach takes us somewhere entirely new and different as to what we usually see on a daily basis. The sun, the wind, the sand, the water, everything about beaches will be able to take you away from your mundane life in the city. No tall buildings, no heavy traffic, no black smog, no stress, and no worries! Going to a beach will definitely be good for your well-being, mind and body. You can take a swim regardless if you’re with your family, your friends, and even if you’re alone. Nobody can stop you from releasing all that stress away if you really want to go to the beach. But the thing is, swimming in water and feasting on delicious food aren’t the only things you can do when you’re in a beach. That holds especially true if you’re either with your special someone or alone and have lots of time and money to burn.

Sex on the Beach!

As an adult, the only other enjoyable thing that you can do aside from swimming when you go to the beach is to have sex. And no, it’s not just any kind of sex, as you have an entirely different place to do that dirty deed as compared to when you’re in your bedroom or a motel. Imagine a hot woman spreading her legs wide open as she lies there in the sand, that’s surely an invitation to remove all articles of clothing that you have on you and just jump in on her! You don’t actually need to have a partner to be able to have sex on the beach, because surely you’ll find a adventurous girl there who’s looking to hook up while on vacation. You have two choices, you can either do her right there and then, without giving a fuck about whoever sees and watches you two while you get all down and dirty in the sand, or you and your slutty new friend can roam around and find a place that is out of sight of another human being for miles away.

Getting sand in your genitals might not be the greatest feeling, so if you want to push it a little bit further, you and your one-time engagement can even do it in the water. Skinny dipping, as it’s usually called, is another experience that you’d definitely want to try out at least once in your life. It doesn’t even matter if you’re surrounded by other people, as long as you do it discreetly, no one would ever notice! They would all be too busy trying to stay afloat and enjoying the wonderful view the beach has to offer to them.

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