Big Nipples

Big nipples

It is common and natural for men to like anything of magnitude size, like breasts—obviously every man is into busty women, who is not honestly? Boobs are boobs, and they are all wonderful regardless of shapes and sizes. But there is only a few percentage of men who are into small boobs. Given that, however, a number of them do not care so much about the size or width of the tits but rather the size of nipples. To each their own! Some men think of nipples as just part of the boobs, as if they were as one, but the fact is they are a separate entity of their own. They react to stimulation from touching, temperature, and they are the giveaway evidence of arousal.

Big Tits and Chubby Nips

Clearly, you would not know if a woman is aroused from the dirty talk unless you touch her pussy and finds out she is wet—but, if she is dressed and wearing no bra, your biggest clue is the erect nipples. Big nipples want and crave your attention, with their width that stands out from the rest of the tits, it is as if they were hypnotizing you to look at them. If you think this is a weird fetish then you should check to see how many men jerk off to big nipples, who knows—you might just discover another one of your suppressed fetishes!

The nipple and the areola area are the essence of tits. There’s a reason why some lingerie only cover up to that part—they’re the icing of the cake, the surprise in the middle of a candy, the grand finale of a lady’s tit ice cream. It doesn’t even matter what size or shape the tits are as long as the nipples are big especially when they are hard and playful. They can be sensitive to touch and vary from pink to dark, sometimes they are pierced or tattooed. Indeed, nothing feels greater than imagining to cum on big nipples. Big nipples, when erect, are noticeable even through layers of fabric and that’s just plain hot.

The reason why this is a popular fetish is because nipples are practically the eyes of the breasts. They are the soul to the woman’s body after her eyes. If they are erect, that means you are making her feel good and hot and for men, that’s such an ego boost to get your lady all aroused. They are also good for nipple-sucking. Big nipples are like cherries if you suck on them, they’re noticeable and their size plays along with your tongue and mouth. Especially when you are spooning which gives better nipple access. Since nipples are basically an entity of their own, some women are able to orgasm through just nipple stimulation—and the bigger the nipple, the easier to give your lady the sensations she deserves. If you are a boob guy who wants to venture into more varieties of tits and nipples, then you should definitely check out this porn genre!

This fetish is more common than you think. In real life, tits and nipples vary from sizes to colors to shapes. Chances are you’ll encounter a variety in your lifetime, hence it’s better appreciate the differences. In the end, nipples are nipples and will always taste good inside your mouth, regardless!

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