It’s customary for most people to give a gift to someone on the day of their birth. After all, being born is more than enough reason to celebrate, right? Surely enough, along with all the presents that you’ll receive on your special day, you’ll also have lots of food prepared for you and your guests, may they be your family, friends, or colleagues. It won’t be a celebration if you don’t have food after all. The presents you’ll receive on your birthday would depend on who gave it to you. Your family might give you something that you need like books, clothes, and such. And if you’re lucky, it might even be something that you want like video games, a car, or a new phone. When it comes to your friends, it might be something like a prank, especially if it’s from one of your closest friends. A rock, a sack of rice, a broom, maybe? Surely enough, the closer you are to someone, the higher the possibility that it would be something that would surely make you laugh.

Birthday Fucking

Now, with all those examples given, it seems that one thing is still missing. And that would be the special gift that only your girlfriend could give you. It’s easy enough to guess, right? Yes, you’re in for a treat later tonight because your girl is definitely letting you score by giving you the greatest gift you could ever receive on your special day – birthday sex.

What’s so special with birthday sex, you ask? It should be like any other day that you get to have sex with your chick. Well, the difference is that she’s willing to do anything and everything in order to please you on your special day. Blowjobs? Sure! She’ll go down on your dick until her jaws drop off. She’ll even ride you until she can’t move her hips anymore. You don’t need to do a thing in order to reach orgasm! Don’t push your luck, but if your girl is really in the mood to be your sex slave, you might even have the chance to enter her through the backdoor. Given that most girls aren’t really open to having a dick up their butthole, it’ll be a real treat if she agrees to let you in from behind. Birthday sex is definitely something you will look forward to, especially if you have a girlfriend. But if you don’t, you also have the option to hire a slut to spread her legs wide open for you. You might even get a birthday discount if you ask nicely!

But hey, not everyone is lucky enough to get laid on the date of their birth. You might not have a girlfriend, or worse, you might not even be able to afford to hire a girl to pleasure you on your special day. But worry not, because you can instead turn to porn, imagining how it would be like to get some on your birthday. There’s tons of birthday sex videos on the internet, so there will be no shortage of that if ever you’re feeling lonely on your birthday. And nothing beats quantity and quality like how offers birthday sex videos and more.

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