Have you ever seen the movie “Titanic”? If you have, then you probably have seen one of the more memorable scenes involving the two main characters, Jack and Rose, getting it on inside one of the parked cars that was supposedly on its way to New York. Many would agree that it was one of the steamiest sex scenes they have ever seen in the movies.

Sex on a Boat

Fast forward to 2019. when, according to a news report, a pretty deckhand by the name of Cheya Handley admitted to having sex with the captain of the luxury yacht they were in. The said luxury yacht unfortunately crashed into another boat as they were doing the deed. She confessed to committing a grave error in judgment, having been drunk at the time. One thing is for sure though; Ms. Handley and the skipper had a fantastic time in the boat.

What is it with boats that lures men and women into having sex while riding them? Are cars not as sexy anymore? Well, people still do it in cars, but are now just as common as the air we breathe. Car sex has probably been around ever since cars were invented; and although sex is still sex no matter where you do it, it is human nature to look for a different way to be satisfied. A change in the scenery can do that.

There are many ways to enjoy boat sex scenes. You may want to watch sexy models fucking their handsome hunks while out at sea in a luxury yacht. Orgies are surely very common in every yacht; it’s millionaire playboy owner would definitely see to it that an alcohol infused sex party is what would greet his guests once they step into his love boat. Enjoy a threesome, a foursome, or a whole army of hunks versus one hot model as they sex up their way to the Caribbean. We know how women love to play with dicks and balls with the big blue sea as the backdrop for all the action. A boat also gives them privacy so that they can shamelessly fuck each other; something that they would not be able to get while they are on land.

Do you fancy seeing beautiful women fuck a fisherman? It is no secret that fishermen do manual labor, thus they have chiseled bodies that are to die for. They are physically fit and can do all sex positions within their boats, and we know a fisherman’s boat is not the most comfortable places to have sex in.

Of course, in any boat, the captain always takes the lead. In a sinking ship, he would be the last to remain. When it comes to the spoils of sex, the good-looking captain gets the first pick.

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