For some reason, a woman’s hair color is the basis for her personality. Blondes are the more gullible ones, as they are easy to manipulate, especially in situations where their bodies are involved. It’s easy to prey on blonde girls if you’re a sexual predator, you just need to say a few nice words that would make her fall for you, and then the next thing you know, you two are in bed and are already doing it. Redheads are sexy and smart, but it’s hard to come across a natural red-headed girl. They’re like unicorns, except they’re in human form. On the other hand, brunettes are plentiful out there. They’re shy, they’re timid, and they’re often silent. But you never know what’s under the hood until you get to know them.

Nude Brunette Girls

They say blondes are the best in bed, but there’s actually no proof to back this up at all. When it comes to pleasuring men, brunettes are actually the best. Blondes just charge in and do random things, thinking that flailing her nether regions around will make sex all better. But that’s not the case with brunette girls, who are very meticulous when it comes to giving men the best sex they’ve had in their whole life. They’ve made it a point to study every inch of a man’s body. That way, she’ll be able to press all of his buttons, even without breaking a sweat. Blowjobs? Easy! Spreading her legs? Yes, as far as she could! Bending over to show what her mama gave her? She doesn’t even need to be naked for your dick to get all hard and ready for some action. Brunettes are very familiar with the art of seduction, and they’re not making any stops for men who are deemed worthy of their skills. That’s why you always see brunettes high up on the corporate ladder. And that’s because they know how to convince their male bosses that they’re “fit for the job” if you know what I mean.

No matter what age a brunette is, whether she’s a barely legal teen, a fully-blossomed young professional, a seductive MILF or Mothers I’d Like to Fuck, or even a lonely but horny grandma, there’s one thing that she can’t deny herself of. And that is sexual pleasure. Most of the time, the average brunette woman needs only her fingers to do the job. But there will always be times that she would crave for a nice piece of dick. It’s already given that no matter how big and thick a dildo is, it’s still not an ultimate substitute for a man’s dick. For one, it doesn’t spew out hot, gooey liquid when you stroke it hard enough. And we all know what comes out of a man’s dick with just a few strokes, right?

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