‘Hey, sexy!’. This line is what you’ll usually hear when a guy spots a slender chick with big boobs and a round ass comes his way. It’s understandable that beauty is subjective to every person, that’s why there’s a famous saying that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. But on the other hand, it shouldn’t also be accepted that a girl is automatically attractive if she’s slim. Believe it or not, there are more men who prefer women who have curvy bodies than those who have almost 0% fat in their bodies. There is also a saying that chubby is the new sexy, and that holds especially true for the younger generation.


The media has always painted slim and slender women to be the baseline for beauty. Wherever you look, may it be newspapers, commercials, magazines, and even fashion shows, these outlets almost always only show thin girls to represent society’s take on so-called ‘beauty’. But more and more people are now speaking up about this, and chubby girls are now slowly getting some spotlight in the world. Not really saying that being slim is unattractive, it’s just that chubby girls also deserve to be called beautiful too.

Admit it, there are girls who are way more attractive when they have a little more meat on their bodies. Not only that, but they’re hella huggable too! If you want to cuddle with someone soft and warm, then chubby girls are your best bet. Plus, they most likely get hungry a lot, which is good for men who enjoy eating food. Chubby chicks are fun to be with, so it’s not only the looks that would make men go for them.

Now, when it comes to sex, chubby girls are definitely the best to be with. Visually, you’ll be seeing more bounce, as they have extra meat on them. Your sense of touch will thank you for getting in bed with a chubby chick, and that’s because you’ll feel more aroused with the softness of her body. There’s a layer of meat before you feel her bones. And yes, you’ll definitely feel how much warmer and tighter her pussy is, and that’s something you would seldom experience when you’re with a slender girl.

There are lots of chubby girls out there, and you won’t really have a hard time netting one for yourself. Just be sure that you treat her right because no one wants to be judged by the way they look. Chubby girls are more conscious about how they appear to others because they feel that being a few pounds heavier than other women makes them unattractive. But that’s not the case, so don’t let her feel that way ever! And to see just how more enjoyable it is to be with a chubby lady, better head on over to as there are tons of chubby amateur porn hosted there. You’ll see that the average chubby girl is more attractive than what society thinks, and if you ever get lucky to find one who’s the whole package, looks, body, and attitude, then never let them go!

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