Close Up

Close up

In your face! This particular sentence declares things that are usually aggressive and negative in nature. It’s like putting salt in your wounds, as most likely, this particular phrase is usually used to tell you that you’ve made a mistake, and that this particular thing or event just rubs it in all the more for you. Admit it, there will always be at least one instance in your life where you’ve failed so miserably, even the little things that added up to your failure would amplify the pain. But not all things that are “in your face” or are seen up close are bad. There are times where you’d love something to be as near and visible to you as possible. This is exactly the case when it comes to having sex.

Close Up Sex

Sure, having a bird’s eye view on every little detail when making love makes you and your partner more fired up to thrust into each other’s pelvises faster and harder. But when you’re looking at one specific area, may it be her bouncy breasts, her thick thighs, her overly wet vagina, or even her perfectly round ass, it’s guaranteed to blow away your mind! With lots of things happening at the same time when you’re seeing the whole process at the topmost view, you won’t be able to concentrate on the smaller, finer details. How her hips shake with your every thrust. How her boobs jiggle around while you both go up and down. How she twists and turns as you go in her deeper with every push. Those things are hard to notice when you don’t look close enough. And this is all about going up close, alright?

Seeing everything crystal clear as it all unfolds gives you that incomparable satisfaction that you’ve done a good job to satisfy your lover. Well, that is, if there were lots of subtle movements that show how much she enjoyed getting fucked by you. When you look at her face during sex, you’ll see her facial expression, something that can’t really be fully controlled by any human. That slight bite on her lower lip, those rolling eyes, that obvious smile. You’ll know just from seeing all those cues that she’s truly enjoying the whole thing. Now, time to think about your own enjoyment and satisfaction! Look at her plump breasts. Nipples hard, jugs bouncing with every thrust? That’s a solid sign that she’s aroused at what’s happening to her right now. Onto her pelvic area, if you see her shaking and squirming to the rhythm of your love making, then you’re definitely doing it right! These seemingly unimportant details, they need to be paid attention to. Otherwise, you’ll just be going in and out of your partner without really thinking about how she’s feeling. Plus, it’s for your own sexual pleasure as well.

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