Ever had the fantasy of coming off from work, or taking a quick break from work just to fuck your lady? Imagine coming home to a naked lady on your bed or on your desk, just waiting for you to fuck her brains out. There is a sense of embarrassment and vulnerability apparent on your lady’s face, and clearly what is more arousing than that? It may be quick or long—it doesn’t matter, as long as you are in your clothes. This is the idea behind Clothed Male and Naked Female or CMNF for short. CNMF is a variation of a more popular porn genre Clothed Female and Naked Male or CFNM. The whole incongruity of seeing a naked female while you are dressed, either she is embarrassed or eager, is what makes the whole thing sexy. Everyone loves exhibitionism to a certain extent, and to imagine fucking a lady in her raw and bare form while you keep a sense of privacy is similar to withholding the very thing she is craving. Naked ladies who beg and crave for your pleasing and your cock can be incredibly hot. Really, who can deny such request?


When you jerk off to your room or elsewhere, do you actually get naked? More often than not, you just lay in your bed, or sitting in the desk chair or in the toilet seat, with your shorts or boxers pulled down to your ankles, right? Clothed Male and Naked Female or CMNF porn can play conveniently to your fantasies when you are alone, as you may imagine fucking or being fucked by a naked woman while wearing some kind of clothing as you already really do at the moment. The concept of wearing a suit, or a uniform, or casual house clothes while a lady is exposed in her entirety waiting for you to do her is extremely erotic. The reason why this is a popular fetish scene is because when a lady is nude, she appears to be more vulnerable and thus setting the dominance of the male sexual partner and the submissive role of the naked female.

It can also happen during Bondage/Discipline Domination/Submission Sadism/Masochism or BDSM role-playing when a woman does a striptease while her male sexual partner remains clothed. In fact, this practice is widely used in the BDSM community for the main reason of dominance-submissiveness.

Moreover, further narratives contain this kind of porn genre. In a group sex or harem/reverse harem setting, one or more naked ladies while you are clothed will please you, or a group of two or more clothed males with one naked lady. It depicts an exhibitionist or physique worship fetish, the focus of this kind of porn is centered on the female body. The man can dress as anything to add colors to the role-playing. Have you every imagined yourself as a policeman doing a naked lady whom you pulled over for exceeding the speed limit? Have you imagined yourself to be a chef, a senior at work, fucking your naked assistant during quick office breaks?

If you are a man looking for ways to get off to naked ladies, not wanting to witness other naked male bodies—then this is perfect for you! In , there are provided several plots and narratives of this genre should this thought intrigue you!

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