Cum In Mouth

Cum in mouth

The best part of sex and porn aside from the ‘build-up’ or the sexual tension is the moment of pending orgasm. Your thoughts and mood during a climax or when edging to an orgasm is painfully crucial. This is the part where the most lewd images flash inside your head in order for you achieve sweet, cathartic release. Your horniness is at peak and nobody really has the time to think where to cum. However, where you cum dramatically increases your orgasmic experience.

Cum Guzzling Sex

Every man has different tastes, where do you prefer to cum—ass, tits, face, mouth? Sure, it all depends on preference but the reason why cumming inside a woman’s mouth is vastly popular is because it is disgustingly dirty and hot at the same time. It is the idea of doing something ‘nasty’ to please you, is there any man not wanting to be sexually pleased? When a woman takes a full man inside her mouth, her saliva and pre-cum becomes the lubricant making it easier for the act of blowjob or handjob. However, not every woman in real life likes the taste of cum, likes to swallow at all, or doesn’t like cum in her mouth at all. It is because cumming inside the mouth is not only nasty but can also be incredibly erotic and personal.

Does your woman not like you cumming in her mouth? Or perhaps you have no sexual partner to try it with? Or maybe you and your sexual partner are looking for proper ways to do it? do not worry, has all the cum-in-mouth material you need to get off tonight!

Obviously, cumming in any hole of a woman would be just as amazing. In the moment of cumming, it won’t really matter as much. But the one thing about “cum in mouth” is that you get to see the visual aspect of a pretty woman enjoying you and taking all of you towards the euphoric end. This neither an act of submissiveness or dominance, but rather worshipping each other. This is more intimate as you can look at the woman’s eyes and perhaps hold her chin or sides of her face as she welcomes your cum. This category of porn focuses on intimacy, the woman is willing to do something nasty to please you—what is sexier than that? It is warm and there is tongue-play that happens, which basically every man’s dream, no? Cumming in mouth is practically marking your territory, especially if the woman enthusiastically swallows your cum. This is an ultimate finish to a blowjob or a handjob—a cock cumming inside a mouth, a deep-throat for example, not only keeps a consistent sensation for the cock but increases the arousal of the orgasm as a process from the very idea of consensual acceptance between the woman and the man. The idea of having the sexual desire of sucking a man’s cock, not only eagerly willing to satisfy her own personal sexual pleasure but also the desire to be loaded off on her mouth is the essence of cumming inside the mouth.

Most men like the wet, warm cave of mouth than any hole because of the presence of tongue and the vibrations elicited during a blowjob. The next best thing is the ‘cum-kiss’ that happens after, the woman and the man sharing the euphoria. Nothing’s definitely sexier.

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