Cum Inside

Cum inside

Great sex is evidenced by how both parties orgasm. Surely enough, if a woman reaches nirvana multiple times during coitus, that just means that she has truly enjoyed the whole thing. On the other hand, men almost always cum regardless of how good the sex was, and that’s mainly because men need less stimulation to be able to let it all out. And when a man releases his seed, the amount that comes out of him indicates how much he has enjoyed the sex. But it’s hard to tell how much juice he spewed out if he came inside of his partner, the best way is to have him cum on her body, and it doesn’t matter if he ejaculated on her breasts, stomach, face, or even her mouth. From there, you’ll be able to see just how much liquid he was able to produce from all that excitement and stimulation.

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A great way to make him gather up all of his sperm and spray it in one go is to make sure that he gets all the stimulation he could handle before he finally bursts. It’s best to start by giving his dick a nice massage. You’re free to use any body part that you prefer, whether you proceed with taking advantage of your hands, mouth, breasts, or even your feet. You can gauge how much he’s enjoying all that stimulation just by looking at the way he reacts. More moaning, more eye-rolling, more squirming, those are the signs that you’re doing a great job in making him all excited. It’s also a win for you since he’ll be rock solid, and all good to penetrate your dick-hungry vagina.

Once you’ve started getting penetrated by him, make sure that there’s plenty of lube on hand to make the sexual experience all the smoother. A woman would definitely get hurt if she’s too dry down there, but there’s also a chance that he could feel a small discomfort at least if your pussy isn’t ready to accept a dick as long and hard as his. And that’s nothing a little bit of lube could fix, really. If you want to be rewarded with gallons and gallons of sperm, make sure to use your hips more in order to make him feel like your pussy has a life of its own, gently squeezing his dick to give more stimulation. That’s definitely something that would blow his mind, and in turn, would secure you the best orgasm for you and your partner.

Now, what better way to reach orgasm than to make him cum inside you? Both you and he would feel the connection that can only be felt when a man cums inside a woman. It’s basically giving him permission to sow his man seed into you, and that’s something that a lot of men would definitely love. Just make sure that you’re not fertile if you’re not ready to get knocked up, though.

As scary as the possibilities may seem, having a man cum inside you is still one of the best feelings in the world. Imagine getting both your bodily fluids mix together inside your vagina, all while panting because you’ve both really enjoyed the sex. But if you and your man are trying to avoid getting into an accident, you can instead check out to see other people who are willing to risk it by cumming inside after sex.

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