They say that sex is something that couples should do with equal effort from both sides. After all, the reason why people have sex is to satisfy their sexual hunger, right? So it’s only proper to give at least equally of what was given to you. She gave you a mind-blowing blowjob? You should give her a solid licking down her pussy, too! And if you came first, which is normal for most men, it should be expected that you keep your end of the deal and pleasure her until she reaches orgasm as well. This should be the norm for any couple, unless you or your partner are into domination sex.

BDSM and Domination

Just by the name, you can already tell that one of you will call the shots, and one of you will follow and obey your commands. Being in a dominant-submissive relationship isn’t just about sex, because you also experience it at work. You would either be the boss who takes charge and gives orders to your rank and file, or you might be one of the frontliners who get instructions on how to perform your job from your manager. While your job might not be enjoyable, being in a dominant-submissive sexual relationship is!

Most of the time, the guy is the one who spearheads the whole sexual experience. And oftentimes, sex would be satisfying mostly for him only. The guy would say “suck my dick”, or “spread your legs wide open”, or even “swallow my cum” to his sexual partner, and the gal would just nod and follow his orders. This is sadly the norm, because men love being in charge, whatever activity he may be doing. But on the other hand, there are men who actually enjoy being bossed around by their gal pal when getting nasty in bed. It doesn’t happen all the time, but when it does, it’s guaranteed that both the man and the woman would reach orgasm everytime they have sex. Well, unless she’s too sadistic to even care if her sex partner was able to cum.

Domination sex might seem toxic to people who haven’t tried it yet. But really, it all depends on the couple’s preferences. There are guys who would love to bow down and let their girl take the lead. And these men are usually considered as beta males, as they enjoy taking orders from the leader of the pack, which in this case would be their sexy but dominating girlfriend. And as expected, you’d usually see strong, independent women take the leading role when they’re with their submissive boyfriends. They enjoy having complete control over every single detail when they’re having sex. That’s totally fine, given that women need more stimulation before they could reach orgasm.

Now, it doesn’t matter who takes the helm when sex is the topic. Alpha males know how to make their girls enjoy the whole sexual experience even if they’re the one whose in charge. And the same thing can be said when roles are reversed. This is actually better than the average couple sex, wherein a guy doesn’t really care about his girl. And if you’d like to see how all of this works out in the end, you better head on over to and see how it’s done by watching domination porn videos.

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