They say getting a facial helps in making your skin glow more. After all, who wouldn’t want to have healthy, silky smooth skin on their face? Since people look at your face when talking, it’s only logical that you take care of your skin, right? It’ll give you more confidence as you would feel like people will want to talk to you just because you have a beautiful face. But the type of facial that is the subject of this topic isn’t the one you usually get from your dermatologist or your local spa. The type of facial that is being discussed here is about the one you get when your man ejaculates on your face when having sex.

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Facials are enjoyable for both men and women. On the guy’s side, it feels nice that your girl is more than willing to accept your load on her face. And if you’re lucky enough, she might even let some of that sticky, gooey white juice enter her mouth so that she could swallow it. There’s nothing more rewarding for a guy than having his girl swallow his cum, no questions asked. It’s like being accepted for who you are, mind, body, and soul all included. Although on the flip side, it also doesn’t mean that if she swallows, she’ll stay with you forever. There are girls who just love swallowing cum, but they would swallow any man’s cum and not just the one from who they really love.

For women, facials feel great because a man’s cum feels warm. Although she might need to take extra steps in washing it all off later if some of that liquid gets in between her hair. Plus, it’ll improve her skin to boot! Having sex is already a step to release stress, making your skin glow, getting semen on your face just amplifies it all. Believe it or not, it’s actually one of Hollywood’s best kept secrets. A man’s semen contains spermine, which is an antioxidant that helps reduce wrinkles, smoothen your skin, and even prevent acne from nastily invading your face. If all girls knew that, it’s guaranteed that they’ll even be upfront in getting your cum on their faces during sex!

Now, since men are the ones who enjoy watching women get semen all over their faces, it’s actually no surprise that videos showing women getting cum on their face are rampant on the internet. You’ll find all sorts of girls gladly doing it in front of the camera, even if it means that they would get recognized if their video went viral online. That’s the kind of woman that men want in bed – lusty, courageous, adventurous, and are more than willing to accept a man’s load on their face. But that doesn’t mean men are open to making women like that to be their wife.

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