Female Ejaculation

Female ejaculation

Female ejaculation is practically the event wherein the woman releases a milk-like texture of diluted fluid before the achieving actual orgasm. Now, male ejaculation is common and popular but female ejaculation remains mostly mysterious and rare. Female ejaculation sometimes happen by squirting, the fluid resembles that of a semen of a man ejaculation. The thing about female ejaculation is that not every lady is able to achieve it, hence those who can are naturally adored and desired by male population. There have been allegations that female ejaculation is not possible and thus censoring this kind of porn in a lot of websites, a lot have contested that female ejaculation exhibited were mere urination before an actual orgasm. However, a lot of female porn stars have attested to the possibility of female ejaculation and proved to have done this.

Squirting Sex

Since in real life female ejaculation does not usually happen or at least not easily or commonly so—a lot of men rely on porn to witness this content. Female ejaculation porn is popular because it is rare, it is hot and arousing to see a woman be evidently horny by releasing such liquid and not just by orgasming. It is basically the female semen, it is thick and sticky and in milky texture. Men in porn often lick and swallow these fluids for the sake or mirroring the act of swallowing the cum of a man by a woman. You do not have to feel embarrassed or ashamed for having this kind of specific fetish, in fact if you visit , you will be able to access several porn clips with hundreds to thousands views. They are all high quality and premium definition, and tailored for optimal porn viewing by limiting the videos of no more than 20 minutes each! Do not fret or think you are weird for believing female ejaculation and wanting this kind of content—the more people think something is not achievable or real the more want or desire it. The more they want to pursue it, hence the desire to witness female ejaculation even in porn. Get your squirt on!

Female ejaculation porn is universally watched and consumed by men of different races and age; likewise this kind of porn is interconnected with more porn fetishes such as different races, different positions and different method on how to do it. There have been lots of how-to’s in doing female ejaculation. It is often called squirting or gushing among porn viewers, the latter term being more common and is a go-too for female ejaculation related searches. It is called as such because their fluids cascade like the fluid from a toothpaste. Despite being a hard event to achieve, a lot of female porn stars have achieved female ejaculation for your optimal porn viewing. Such porn female stars are Hotaru Akane, Charley Chase, Annie Cruz, Cytherea, Jamie Lynn, Jiz Lee, Missy Monroe, Jenna Presley, and Flower Tucci. Several of their clips are uploaded on the website mentioned above if you want to see what an actual female ejaculation is. A lot of other female ejaculation porn content have been faked and do not at all have made the women squirt. However, Japanese porn stars are popular for having to do female ejaculation more often than others—hence a lot of men resort to Japanese porn to witness this rare event.

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