Female Orgasm

Female orgasm

Female orgasms. Unlike the male ones, they aren’t usually as visual as the male orgasm. There aren’t a lot of bodily fluids flying around or getting ejaculated. With females, the only cues you’ll probably get are primarily based on their voice and body language. Moans that reach a new levels, body quivering and shaking, and deep breaths, these are the most graphic signs. It may not look much to us, but to her, it’s fireworks.

Female Ejaculation

To all the men out there, you probably don’t know but here’s what happens when a woman orgasms. The genital muscles will contract, heart rate will increase, and blood will fill her genitals. Her brain also gets a huge dose of oxytocin and dopamine which contribute to the feelings of closeness and happiness. Thus, with each and every orgasm you give your partner, you’re definitely closer to her than before. Now, there are multiple types of orgasms. You don’t just stick it in and thrust back and forth and hope that she’ll cum from that. You get the standard vaginal orgasm from penetration, clitoral from stimulating the clit, anal from anal sex, and a combination of pussy and clit orgasm. There’s also one from erogenous zones like nipples, neck, elbows, and more. They’re pretty rare, but if she’s sensitive enough, you’ll definitely have fun with nipple play, feet fetish, and other niches.

After everything, you might still be thinking that female orgasms are actually visual. That’s not wrong if and only if she’s a squirter. Then, just like guys, you get a definite cue that she came along with a nice little shower of her love juices. Here at , we give you both. We have thousands of videos for you to enjoy and familiarize yourself with female orgasms. We have some of the best squirters in the porn industry in our list of names like India Summer, Lily Carter, Veronica Rodriguez, Zoey Monroe, Sophie Dee, Bonnie Rotten, and Dani Daniels. You never know, you might even become an expert by studying the intricacies and signs of its more subtle version.

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