First Time Lesbian

First time lesbian

It’s always scary to venture into new and unknown territory, that’s for sure. Why? It’s because the thought of diving right into the unknown is scary for anyone. You don’t have a clue on what to do, or how to approach whatever this new thing that you’re trying out for the first time. It doesn’t matter what it is, may it be transferring to a different school, migrating to a place far away, meeting new people, first day on your new job, or even going on a date with a person you just met. You feel that you might make a mistake sooner or later, but that’s just part of life, which is something you can’t do anything about. The best way you could approach any situation that you haven’t been in ever would be to just enjoy the moment and learn new things along the way.

Seduced Lesbians

The things mentioned above might be too SFW (Safe For Work) for you, since you’re surely thinking about being in a lesbian relationship right now, and would like to know more about how to make it all work, especially when it comes to doing it for the first time. Don’t worry about that, because you’re in good hands! For sure, it should have taken some time before you discover that you swing a different way than the rest of your peers. All they talk about is boys and makeup, not thinking that the topic isn’t really suited to everyone in your circle. Although you’re still not sure of how you feel towards the same sex, you’ve already discovered that guys don’t really get your lustful senses tingling. So it might be that you actually prefer girls instead of guys. And now here you are, in bed with another woman, both of you not knowing what to actually do next. You haven’t kissed someone of the same sex, and neither has she. That just means that you both are entirely new to this feeling. And it’s something that you both never felt when you tried dating guys instead. Don’t be scared, because the only difference here is that your partner doesn’t have a big, thick dick to shove up your pussy. In fact, you can rest easy because your sex partner knows how a woman’s body works. After all, she’s a girl too, you know! You can both start with the first base, kiss each other. On the lips, on the neck, basically anywhere on your partner’s body.

You can initiate using your hands to explore her from head to toe. Touch her breast slowly, but firmly, just as how you would like it yourself. After you both have warmed up, it’s time to take all your clothes off! You’ll find that you both are wet down there, something which has never happened to either of you before. You’ve been with guys back then, but this is an entirely different thing. Scary, but exciting. Go ahead, explore her pussy as much as you’d like. And maybe later, if you’re both feeling in the zone, grinding your crotches on each other would definitely be the highlight of the night. Explore your newly-found fantasies with your first-time lesbian sex partner on .

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