We all love to laugh but most of us choose to keep our sexual self-gratification separate from our need for humor. Big mistake, bros and hos. Laughter and sex go together beautifully. As many women will tell you, a great sense of humor can have them dropping their panties for even the ugliest guy. If you can make a woman laugh, she’ll want you to try making her cum. Porn provides viewers with all kinds of adult entertainment but it’s the hilarious antics found in funny porn fails, bloopers, outtakes, and parodies that make today’s porn seem almost fit for mainstream entertainment. From XXX porn parody movies wild and wacky sex games and curated compilation videos holding the weirdest on set occurrences a porn crew has ever seen, there’s so much absurd fun to be had mid-dap you’ll wonder why you ever wanked with a straight face in the first place!

WTF Porn

Some girls will suck dick but deny their partner an oral deposit. Surprise cum mouth marvels see girls shocked and appalled (but still turned on) by an oral creampie given with no prior notice. They should be thankful it was a standard, normal load, not one of the many funny cumshot blasts porn crews have captured over the years. From shots going into eyes, up noses, and all over furniture to makeshift nightclubs where hard-partying girls take shots of semen while dancing naked for your enjoyment. Movie and TV parody titles take our favorite pop culture entities and pornify them to the extreme, causing plenty of gut and nut-busting fun along the way.

Sex games put men and women through physical trials and pit them against each other in orgasm races, funny wrong hole antics, and funny porn fails of all kinds. It’s not exactly the most standard way to beat your meat, but a trip through and its huge selection of funny porn is sure to put a smile on your face in more ways than one. You’ll crack up watching top-ranked porn talents fall over themselves in hysterics when an onset mishap breaks the scene. You’ll find your favorite star dropping epic fail after epic fail and going from goddess to goon in a few short minutes. Amateur porn wannabes aim high and miss the mark, inadvertently ending up in the Funny Porn section of your favorite adult streaming site.

The porn world has introduced plenty of memes to popular culture and even that old chestnut, surprise butt sex, gets some play here. You’ll be saying “Oops” along with this misdirected dick slingers who end up tapping that tush instead of beating up the bush. Some gags are funnier than others, though, and it’s the women of porn who bring the heaviest LOLs here. Porno antics, failed attempts at classy eroticism, weird sex games, endless funny compilation videos, and a plethora of ultra funny porn bloopers that show stars to be just as goofy as their fans, all combine to create a surprisingly hilarious take on onscreen sex that’s sure to have you coming back for more.

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