Ghetto originally used as a reference to neighborhoods where members of a minority group reside — mostly due to social, political or economic pressure — the term ghetto has since become a racist and classist pejorative. In reality, only people who have lived in these areas can really say what’s ghetto and what’s not. But that’s not what usually happens. Instead, ghetto has become an adjective used to negatively judge any number of things, from outfits to run-down facilities. In common media tropes, a ghetto is also associated with black people and their cultural expressions, including braids, gold hoop earrings, and rap music. The term has largely become synonymous with being cheap, substandard, undesirable and, yes, black. For some reason, a ghetto is normally directed towards black individuals. However, it is believed and has been proven that other individuals of a different color can and have acted just as poorly. Ghetto is NOT black or being black. The ghetto is how an individual looks at the world and acts accordingly to the ghetto belief. Acting ghetto is how one presents themselves in how they dress, act, and speak. They have these main things namely: money, drugs, and sex. In terms of sex, Ghetto Porn is a rising industry and a unique category focuses the way black being bold and loud. Now we are here to bring to you the unique taste of fucking in the hood!

Hood Porn

Ghetto people are loud, litter, smoke, drink alcohol frequently, loiter, blast their car stereos, wear a gold tooth, have illegitimate kids, and let their kids be noisy/run around the store. This is a bad-ass thing! Wonder how badass chic look like. Well, Ghetto girls wear any tight clothing, even clothing that is so tight, it shows cellulite, muffin tops, belly rolls, and other forms of fat bulges. Ghetto girls often try to rationalize their lack of manners, hygiene, style, and taste, by saying “tsk, shoooo… I ain’t tryin’ to impress nobody….” This translates into: “I know I look like shit, but I’m too ghetto to shower and/or put shoes on, and brush my hair before I go to the store for pampers and cigarettes.”

Most ghetto girls are very jealous and dramatic and will fight at any time, for any small reason. Ghetto girls HATE well-spoken, intelligent, attractive, well-mannered women, and will often call them names, such as stuck-up bitches, snob, white girl, or Barbie. Ghetto girls feel very threatened by classy, intelligent women. Ghetto girls are often aggressive, have no manners, and no home training. They will often steal, and commit violent acts as well. You should not threaten or offend, or even look a ghetto girl directly in the eyes, unless you know you can defend yourself in a fight, possibly even involving a weapon. Ghetto girls should be avoided at all times, if at all possible. Your best bet is to stay on the good side of town, stay out of the projects, and stay away from the welfare office and the Korean owned beauty supply stores that sell cheap, crunchy weave. Given how they rudely act they can easily be fuck as they just some little money. Get wild and dirty how these ghetto girls being fuck in the hood at . Come and join us for a whole new adventure of Ghetto Porn collection. Enjoy videos like perfect ghetto botty, black ghetto girl being fuck by BBC, hardcore ghetto ass sex and many more!

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