Girl Next Door

Girl next door

Girl next door porn is a vague genre of porn that focuses heavily on the visuals and plot. It is usually about your common white babe living in the room or neighborhood that evidently has sex with the male porn star. Girl next doors are your cheerleaders, drop dead gorgeous fine ass body types with long and soft blonde hair and Caucasian features. They have the ideal size of tits and perky ass with a curvy line. Girl next doors are most of all, depicted as pretty. They are often your young adult female neighbors who is the crush of the town. Everyone knows at least one girl next door—they probably are your crush, or someone you genuinely like, but one thing is for sure, everyone has had a wet dream about her. Girl next doors exist in real life that is why it is rather easy to project sexual fantasies to hot girls you know in real life.

Girls Next Door

Girl next door concept has also been perpetuated by the popular American romantic comedy of the exact same title (Girl Next Door), wherein the main guy falls for the blonde girl next door and eventually finds out she is a former pornographic actress. For the longest time this may be the dream situation of every teen guy ever—being neighbors with a porn star. Because of the cult following of this movie, it has eventually turned into a popular porn plot. Men who consume porn project their lust and desire for a hot girl of their dreams—it may be a coworker or a friend, or a classmate, or literally your neighbor you dream of. Whoever it is, it is relatively to supplement your fantasies by playing girl next door porn clips. While being a vague category, this is rather a popular and common genre attached to all other genres such as threesome porn, lesbian porn, peeping tom porn, bdsm porn and etc. It is because it is easy to derive a plot out of this term—every pretty and hot blonde girl may be a girl next door.

In porn, the plot is often about a friendly neighbor who is also seductively hot and is flirting with the male lead or porn star. Maybe the man invites her for a coffee or asks her to help something around the house or vice versa, and this is where the story goes. The setting is often in the couch or living room until it starts to get intimate and increasingly hot when they get touchy and experimental. The man is usually the loser type or the nerd type, to fuel the stereotypes and play to everyone’s delusions of hooking up with a girl out of your league. The girl next door becomes super interested in you and pleasing you, allowing you to go down on her.

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