There are things that have a lot of benefits from being modern. Gadgets like cameras, phones, televisions, and the like are better if they use the most modern technology available to man today. Imagine still using camera films, or phones that can’t connect to the internet, let alone take photos and videos, or televisions that are still in black and white? There’s no reason not to switch to the latest and greatest as old technology isn’t applicable to today’s society anymore. But believe it or not, there are some things that are better if they are still following old school rules. One of those things is shaving your intimate parts. Sure, it’s nice to see armpits that are clean-shaven or pubic hair that has been trimmed nicely and neatly. But that wasn’t the case way back before. People didn’t care if you had a forest of hair in those areas, as they would still feel aroused once they see that unsightly bush of yours. It’s just because there are companies who would make more money if people bought more shaving equipment just to clean out their naturally growing body hair.

Natural Lesbians

Men aren’t as pressured to shave as women, that’s why it’s a refreshing sight if you know a girl who doesn’t give a damn about shaving her lady parts. And also, shaving was popularized by Westerners, that’s why you’ll mostly see Caucasian women trimming their body hair. Asians on the other hand, actually prefer maintaining their bush, mostly for cultural reasons of course. But for those Western dudes who are tired of seeing hairless armpits and snatches, they would rather go after Asian babes who still have hair in all those places.

Surprisingly, more and more Caucasian women are trying to go the natural way, starting with going braless in public. It was only a matter of time before leaving out bodily hairs became a trend, and it did. Today, you’ll easily find women who are more than proud to show their unshaven bodies on the internet, leaving out their lady parts, of course. This new trend also spread to the porn industry, as you’ll see more and more pornstars opting out of shaving their pits and pubes.

Lots of women have already adapted to shave-free living in the West. But the first ones who followed it are actually lesbians. These homosexual females have embraced the life of having hair on their bodies, and the men who enjoy seeing lesbians do their thing are happy with it as well. You’ll find that there are tons of lesbian pornstars out there who have waived their right to shave, and everyone is on board with that, especially horny men who are fans of lesbian sex. That’s why you’ll see hairy lesbian videos gaining popularity online, with more and more videos being added on a daily basis. And the best way to get your fix of hairy lesbian porn is to visit , the best adult site when it comes to sex videos featuring the hottest professional and amateur lesbian pornstars.

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