High Heels

High heels

Who would have thought that the trusty high heels, once the symbol of female power when it comes to fashion, can be an object of wild fantasies and desires? If you are obsessed with high heels, do not worry. You are not alone and is actually quite common. This obsession is what we call high heels fetish. There is something about these high heels that makes the woman sexy, and sexual. It calls out to you, as if telling you that she is ready to have sex now. Crazy isn’t it? Of course, high heels are not supposed to be sexual. It represents a female being in charge while remaining sexy. Just look at those long legs and pretty feet!

High Heels Sex

High heels porn, which involves stiletto fetish, is a fresh form of fashion fetish. Fashion fetish was said to be alive as early as the 18th century, using hobble skirts and corset. And of course, who can forget the ever popular French maid uniform? This form of porn new, yet it is as normal as normal can be.

The heels themselves are not fuckable, let us make that clear. Well, at least, not in the adult porn videos we have out there. It is not as if someone takes a stiletto out of a shoe rack and puts his dick inside it or puts the heel up his butt for some anal pleasure. Yet who knows? There might be a huge market for that. Sort of a Man vs. Stiletto kind of thing. For men in this group, having sex with a woman wearing her shoes is akin to a satisfying orgy, with him, her woman, and her pair of shoes in on the action. Quite a foursome eh? Experts point to many things as to why a person would love to watch a high heels porn video. They point to certain childhood experiences, like seeing their teachers wearing high heels in class. The teacher of course is one of our first exposure to women who are in charge. It could also be due to an early exposure to porn videos that use high heels as part of the sexual act. Or it could be that a person’s love for feet, which is associated with the stiletto.

Men with stiletto fetish usually ask their female partners to don her favorite pair. It seduces them no end and gives them sexual gratification. They fuck with her shoes on. Or maybe she gives him a shoe job, which is a footjob with her shoes on. This would also work for men who are a sucker for the girl power movement, for as we said, high heels represent power and femininity combined.

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