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Humiliation Sex

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Humiliation porn is one of the most intense forms of porn on the internet. So how do you humiliate someone in humiliation porn? There are many methods you can use but I’ll be showing you a method that works for me. Let’s start with the skinny white cuckold. How can you humiliate a skinny white cuckold?

First, go to the webcam site of the skinny white cuckold and put yourself as the black cuckold. Now make sure you really do look black. Be cocky and confident. Now, you’re going to be pretending that you are on a date and you’ve invited this cuckold over. You’re going to tell him how much you want him and that you don’t mind if he treats you like a slave. You’re going to then say the line, “you’re going to get my balls in your mouth while you suck on my big black cock.”

This will make the cuckold feel humiliated and then you can finish with the line, “just lie back and enjoy this beautiful black cock.” Remember, the key here is to be cocky and confident so you make him feel humiliated by your cockiness. Once you do this, send him a private message or call him later. Tell him how much you want him, tell him how badly you want to dominate him and tell him what kind of man he is. This will make him really want to make you come over and fulfill your fantasies. Remember, this is humiliation porn and if you humiliate him enough, he’ll want to humiliate you more. Just remember, never do anything too extreme to a skinny white cuckold, it will ruin the whole fantasy.

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