People are talking about inclusivity these days. People from the mass media are now demanding it. They ask for more females, more members of the LGBTQ, and more people from different races. We live in a different time now, where “wokeness” is the in thing. Hollywood has yet to catch up, though there are already some movie producers who have already obliged. What people have overlooked is that the porn industry has been all-inclusive all along. Porn fans have seen stars from different countries and of different colors. Come to think of it, the porn industry is probably the first “woke” industry. Blacks, Latinas, Japanese, Chinese, Europeans, and many other countries were already starring in many different sex videos, tucked under the category Interracial. It is incredible how producers of porn had the foresight to make interracial fuck videos and make it available to fans all over the world. They even had the audacity to show interracial anal porn films. Truly, they are trailblazers in the world of entertainment.

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In the past several years, the words “interracial and “anal sex” are not as taboo anymore as in let us say, in the 1950’s. This is perhaps because people in general have become more accepting of sex overall. And do you know that searches for anal porn have risen more than 100% since 2009? Yes, they are more open to this, or at least are watching it. There is no available data yet as to whether there are more people who are actually trying it. If ever not all women who have had sex has done anal, it comes as no surprise. It can be painful, especially if it is a black dick sticking up her ass. Still, anal sex can be pleasurable if done right.

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