Japanese Wife

Japanese wife

It’s not very often that you see Japanese people cheat on their partners. In fact, it’s more of a fantasy for men to see a married woman cheat on her husband and have sex with another man. That’s because Japanese people are taught to be reserved and respectful ever since they were young, and they often keep those manners with them until they grow old. But as you know, preventing yourself from doing something would actually make you want to do it more. Stopping yourself from doing vices like smoking and drinking would just leave you daydreaming about doing those things again. Controlling your intake on salty or sugary foods would make you crave for it harder than ever. And yes, even withholding yourself from having sex would definitely make you thirst for more and would make you do anything just to be able to experience it again. That is why in Japan, even if most of the people there consider seeing a wife cheating on her husband as a ludicrous sexual fantasy, there are still some cases where a neglected wife tries to find a way to get her pussy fucked by a man again, even if it means that she would need to find another guy to satisfy her sexual desires.

Japanese Cuckold

Japanese people are very hardworking, that’s why the birth rate of their country is so low. People are choosing to work instead of going out and having fun. Those activities sadly include having sex. And it’s usually the husband who works while the wife stays at home to take care of the household chores. You can’t really blame her if she’s craving for some loving, because her husband doesn’t really provide her that satisfaction anymore. And it isn’t even about him not being able to make her cum, because there’s really no sex on the table anymore. She’s desperate to feel a man’s warmth again, and she’ll eventually get pushed to commit a sin to her husband, one that he is to be blamed if this treachery gets discovered.

There are actually lots of ways for her to find a man who’ll give her the satisfaction that she has been longing for ever since. The mailman, the plumber, the convenience store clerk, basically almost any guy is a good candidate. She just needs to find a way to lure them into doing her bidding. If you think about it, she actually doesn’t need to exert too much effort, given that Japanese women are usually physically fit doing all those household chores. You can say that most Japanese wives are MILFs, or Mothers I’d Like to Fuck given how youthful they look and how sexy they still are. That’s why it’s easy to see a Japanese wife fucked, as she doesn’t need to do much for guys to swoon over her sex appeal.

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