Hey, we didn’t say you could cum yet! Settle down and pay attention because it’s time for JOI Porn! For those who are unfamiliar, JOI is an acronym for Jerk Off Instruction. In these video productions, a central model or personality delivers a stunning bombardment of dirty talk that often moves into the femdom realm. She tells you how and when to cum and you like it! There’s a growing market for videos of this type as more and more men move to fill a more subservient role during sex.

Jerk Off Instruction Porn

She’ll teach you how to really cum and will keep you going with expert edging techniques and more. Let her harsh words and strict instructions wash over you and keep you aroused. This category is as much about attitude as it is about hot sucking and fucking. See what you have to learn and put yourself in the hands of these instructors.

You’ll encounter a range of styles when it comes to JOI videos. Some performers conduct a how-to and helpful guide to handjobs by using dildos, live partners and more. You’ll get a lot of POV (Point-of-View) scenes so you’ll feel like all the attention is directed towards you. Humiliation can play a big part of jerk off instruction porn and it is heavily related to cuckold porn too. Cock cages and fetish gear are also common place here as women take control in the most primal and basic of ways. You won’t get off until she says you’re ready!

Each page is packed with JOI content for you to enjoy. Scroll through the available content and select any video thumbnail you like. A video view page will display that contains the functions you’ll need for playback along with other handy share options. Swing back to the full category listings or check for related categories for a more complete picture. We’d suggest you review; Handjob, Jerking Porn, Tease Porn, Jerk Off Encouragement, Cuckold and Sissy Porn.

It’s never been this easy to be totally hypnotized by all the humiliating instruction and demands of these ladies. You’ll be put in your place like never before and with a huge smile on your face. Find out how you’re supposed to be jerking off. She owns that hot load.

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