Of all the parts inside a household, the kitchen is most probably the favorite place among almost every woman. Women love to cook, bake, make cookies, and do it is whatever they want to do whenever they are at home. It is their respite, a place to distress. Is there any other place in the house where they are in control? Men cannot dispute that. We always associate kitchens with food, utensils, and cooking or baking. All the other activities are best done in some other parts of the house. Watching television is done in the living room, studying is done in the study room, bathing is done in the bathroom, and sleeping is done in the bedroom. Our favorite activity, sex, is also done inside the privacy of the bedroom. Or is it?

Sex in the Kitchen

Sex seems to be more erotic when done in the kitchen. Call that weird, but unless you have seen it being done, or you have done it with your partner or fuck buddy, you should nod in agreement as you are reading this. Porn fans are definitely excited about the kitchen sex video craze that is sweeping the whole world. Kitchen sex porn is typically the domain of Moms I would Like to Fuck, or MILF, so if you are into MILF – which I think everyone is because these mothers are very hot – kitchen sex porn should be on top of your list, or at least in your top five.

The kitchen is not a conventional place to have sex – but if kitchen sex is your thing, know that it is just normal. Most kitchen sex scenes start out innocently, with sex supposedly not really part of the equation and usually an impromptu act, with our lovely MILF preparing a lovely dinner for the family. Her son’s best friend pays a visit, but with her son still not coming home, mom is alone with his best friend. Mom, who is always hungry for new sexual adventures, seduces the best friend, a teenager. With all his rushing hormones in play, the teen happily obliges and welcomes all of mom’s advances. Mom starts with a blowjob by going down on him while he remains standing. After she gets her fill, she sits on top of the kitchen sink and offers her pussy for the teen to lick, so he licks away, licking the middle and the sides of her pussy and sucks her clit. For the final act, he thrusts his dick inside her until both mom and teen cums. The teen cums in her mouth, which mom happily swallows.

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