Lesbian Domination

Lesbian domination

Most of the time, men are the ones who are dominant. They have authority over most things, and this has been the case since the dawn of time. But in recent decades, more and more women are standing up, demanding that they get equal treatment as they are also able to do the things that men can. Of course, this movement took years before men finally gave women the respect they deserve. And that’s just because most men can’t accept that women can be dominant as well, especially in bed.

Lesbian BDSM

It’s rare to find women who are dominant in bed. It’s because females have always been limited to doing only what they are told to do. But ever since the number of lesbian women has risen, the gap has been closing in slowly but steadily. Lesbians tend to be dominant as they act more as men do. Being a lesbian isn’t limited to just being sexually attracted to other women. The ideals, the habits, the movements of men, these are all acquired from men, along with being attracted to sexy, beautiful women. It didn’t take long for lesbians to practice domination in bed as well. It started out with them wanting to be in charge during sexy time, but that just pushed them to crave more power to take control over love-making sessions with other women. Whips, gags, collars, latex suits, these things gradually became a part of an average lesbian dominatrix. It’s more or less the same with straight women, but this time around, these lesbian hotties choose to inflict pain on other women instead. And they have never felt more alive than before.

Today, dominance in bed isn’t limited to bossing your partner around. For those of you who aren’t familiar with BDSM, it basically stands for Bondage, Discipline/Dominance, Submission/Sadism, Masochism. People who are into BDSM and similar fetishes are the ones who seem like they’re maniacs, given how they enjoy inflicting pain on their partners. But in reality, practicing BDSM is all about consent. Dominant lesbians love pairing up with submissive women, regardless if they’re straight or gay. And that just means men who also enjoy BDSM and love seeing two or more women pleasure each other in bed would love to see lesbian domination in action.

You might think that just because dominant lesbians enjoy taking the lead, they would never stop to think about their partner’s satisfaction. But if you look closely, lesbian dominatrixes actually want everything to go smoothly. Well, not in the sense of inflicting pain on their partners, but making sure that their submissive partners would be sexually satisfied as well. That’s why when you visit and watch lesbian domination videos on there, you’ll find that their partners aren’t screaming because of pain, but it’s actually because they enjoy every single minute of being bossed around by these dominating lesbians. It’s a fact that BDSM is a give-and-take relationship, even if it seems that only one of the participants is enjoying the whole thing. In any case, you’ll also enjoy seeing these over-the-top sex acts, and that is sure to happen once you watch these lesbian domination videos.

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