Maid porn is a highly popular and vastly consumed porn genre of all times. The pleasure is in the fact that there is a difference in the social ranking, maids are subs and thus you automatically become the dominant one. You are expected to give her orders and she will have to follow. The sub-dom culture is an instant go-to porn of a lot of male audience. It is inherent in the male sex roles that having the control and feeling like they are in charge are part of sex. This is why uniform porn is extremely popular because they provide automatic roles such as school uniform or military uniform.

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What makes maid porn hot and arousing is not the fact that they are maids—it is the uniform. Maid porn is mostly a subcategory of uniform porn where men get off to the idea of role playing. Maid porn often features Japanese porn stars because maid uniforms are reminiscent of sailor uniform which is vastly used in Japan. Another thing is that, again, the taboo element of fucking a maid. Obviously there is a sense of hierarchy between a house member and a maid—the maid is supposed to be below and submissive to the house member in social ranking. Often plots include the maid following absurd orders of a house member, often the father or the brother in the family, such as sweeping or wiping the floor until the view of her underwear is visible. Of course in real life, having a hot pretty maid is unlikely but this is the case for Japanese porn and other maid porn—having a cute fine lady in maid uniform is hot especially they are in skirt. In a maid uniform they are also subject to your authority, you are their master giving orders and they are your maid that will follow whatever you ask them to do. The taboo lies in the idea that nobody is allowed to sleep with the maid, and in porn obviously that is not the case. A lot of maid porn plots include the maid being secretly fucked by a household member while wearing the uniform without the knowledge of the wife or the other members of the family.

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