One of the most common positions in sex is the missionary style. This is probably one of if not the most consumed and viewed position in porn of all time. The reason is that it is usually how sex is done in real life ideally, the man on the top while his cock is pounding inside the woman’s pussy. In this angle, the man and the woman will be able to witness each other’s arousal through their facial expressions. The facial expressions showing pleasure and orgasm is important for a lot of people, it is intimate and passionate and extremely arousing. After all, it is nice to know you are successfully pleasuring someone and missionary sex is definitely the perfect position to make sure of that.

Missionary Position

Missionary sex is easier to do than other positions because it is deemed the natural way to have sex—the cock has the better entrance to the pussy by opening the woman’s legs wide. She will also be able to push it harder and crossing her legs at the back of the man and urge him to go deeper. Missionary sex is also the best depiction of the dominance of the male species. The woman being under than man in this position makes her vulnerable and under his control—more submissive under his touch. In this position it is also easier to make out while fucking, the man will also easily able to witness how the woman’s boobs jiggle while he rams into her. Due to its convenient angle where you can basically see everything, missionary sex is not just popular in real life but also in porn. It seems more intimate and personal and normal—it is the best way to achieve orgasm and ejaculation because of the angle. The man will be able to easily pin the woman down, especially in porn, that is why it is vastly consumed.

Do not feel like you are boring for still choosing it the conventional way—it is the usual way for a reason. It just means that you value your dominance over the lady and wants to reach all the right places in her pussy. As you jerk yourself off tonight, you can imagine yourself being above the lady of dreams as you insert your cock inside her tight pussy and pound into her as her entire body follows the rhythm. That is the beauty of missionary sex, it is simple but works every time especially for your imagination. In fact if you visit , you will be able to access several porn clips of missionary sex porn with hundreds to thousands of views, all with high quality and premium definition. Every porn clip also ranges from a good 5 minutes to a long, horny, hour of pure full sex. It is all for your optimal viewing of the best porn clips. Missionary sex is common and you will be able to access several clips of the position being interconnected to other genres if you like role playing, or other kinks such as clothing fetish, or having a specific race in mind. Missionary sex is flexible as a genre so it is not hard to locate such position with several specifics in mind, so what else are you doing and stroke your hard and veined shaft tonight to this position!

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