Nuru Massage

Nuru massage

Feel the deep-penetrating rub-down that only an authentic nuru massage can provide. This ancient Japanese art of massage is renowned the world-over for its epic sensuality and unmatched satisfaction. When you’re getting a nuru massage, you know it! In this mind-blowing experience, one or more women use every part of their bodies to give you a real happy ending. Get ready for all the oily, slippery action because this one is about to get crazy!

Full Body Massage

This popular category gives new meaning to the term, full body massage. Japanese cuties know that the true power is not in their hands, but in their sweet curves and the added weight helps relax and sooth. Every muscle tingles to the touch when you’re indulging with these true professionals. Treat yourself today and get the kind of genuine nuru treatment you simply can’t find in North America.

Pressure points never felt so much relief as petite Asian girls roll around on top and wiggle around like crazy. Welcome to an average Tuesday in Japan, where anything is possible! Related categories include; oiled porn, massage porn, handjob, Asian pussy and more. Discover one of the many sensual secrets of the Orient and take your XXX fun to new heights here with us.

The average Nuru technique involves stripping down nude while the masseuse or masseuses run their naked bodies all over you. The sensation is described as a once-in-a-lifetime feeling and one that many Japanese men swear by. A slick, colorless lotion is used to maintain the smooth glide you crave. The experience always ends in a happy ending as a sexual act is always part of the deal. Once you’re done, clean up and stagger on outta’ there!

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