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Workplace Sex

Even though they say never mix business with pleasure, why aren’t you allowed to enjoy both? Sure, it makes drama if it doesn’t work out, but who doesn’t enjoy a little drama? If you’ve ever thought about pounding your gorgeous boss’ pussy doggy style on her desk or her giving you a handjob and blowjob combo underneath yours, then this is the perfect place for you. We’ve got tons of scenarios involving boss/employee relationships. This even leads to some interesting dom and sub play because there is a clear power difference. Since office romances aren’t just for straight couples, you’ll also find some nice lesbian scenes from our collection. See intense pussy eating, fingering, and even scissoring action.

Aside from the standard office setting, you get some other scenarios from our content too. What about a teen shoplifter that gets busted by mall security? He gets to bring her into his office to give her a thorough cavity check. Guess, she has to use her petite frame and small, perky tits to convince him to let her go. Maybe a MILF of a teacher invites her worst student to her office for some extra tutoring? Will he be able to pass the next test with her ass-ets there to help him? Or maybe a stressed out office lady just wants a decent break from working? She’ll just sneak into an unoccupied conference room for a quick solo masturbation session. Good thing she brought her handy-dandy pocket vibrator.

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Let’s admit it. Working is stressful. Sometimes, you need to add just a little bit of dirty and horny to help you get through the day. So if you want to experience getting naughty while trying to make a living, then check out ’s office sex content! Let us take you for one unforgettable work day!

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