There’s always a reason behind every action, or so they say. Regardless if you have pure intentions or ulterior motives, those things are bound to influence what you do in life. Now, when it comes to fulfilling your sexual needs, what would be your main agenda, then? Is it to touch your partner in places where they aren’t usually touched when in public? Is it to have a taste of their skin or even their bodily fluids? Surely enough, you’re mostly after the feeling of having both your genitals in unison, rubbing against each other until you both had enough. But when do you stop, exactly? Well, orgasms are what signals you and your partner that you’ve reached maximum satisfaction. Orgasms are different for men and women, with men needing less stimulation to be able to reach nirvana, as compared to women who need constant pleasuring on their lady parts just to be able to cum. Not only that, but women can also orgasm multiple times all throughout one night of sexual pleasure.

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Now, how would you know if you’ve reached an orgasm? For men, it’s pretty easy to spot. Prior to getting an orgasm, a man’s penis is fully erect, which is enough to penetrate a woman’s vagina. Just a couple of minutes of pushing and pulling on her hole should do the trick. Loads of sperm will come out of his penis once he cums, and then his penis will then be flaccid again. On the other hand, women do their business differently. Lots of stimulation is needed, so for the guys, please make sure to start warming her up as soon as you get into foreplaying with her. Use your hands, fingers, and tongue to make her all warmed up and ready to go. The only way to know if she’s ready to have your dick inside her is to check if she’s wet down there. Not all women have the same level of natural lubricants when they’re ready to have sex, so it’s always best to bring lube just in case. You’ll see that her body will shake a little, followed by a long sigh and an obvious smile that indicates how much satisfaction she has gotten from what you did. Also, if she’s a squirter, prepare to see a stream of hot, sticky liquid come out of her vagina. It’s enjoyable to watch men and women reach climax, mostly because sexual fluids come out of their genitals uncontrollably when they reach it. Add the fact that they won’t be able to hide their expression of satisfaction once they blow, which means it’s just as fun to watch someone reach orgasm as to reach it yourself.

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