Perky Boobs

Perky boobs

Mammary glands, breasts, tits, coconuts, or boobs. Call it by any other name, but for human male species, they all sound as sweet. Men have had an age-old fascination with the female breasts. This fascination is not just taught in the classroom; it is deeply ingrained in a man’s psyche. It is natural. How many times have we seen or heard jokes involving huge boobs. “Look at the size of those coconuts!”, says that one fellow in the movie Revenge of the Nerds 2. It was a cheap laugh, but funny just the same.

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We are also caught red-handed staring at women’s boobs, or at least their cleavage, by the women who own them. But we cannot resist those pair of beauties. Our eyes tend to drift from her face down to her chest. To us men, the great pair should be on top of the list of nature’s wonders of the world. This is part of the mystery of human males. We are the only creatures on earth who are fascinated with boobs. We cannot even say the whole human race is fascinated with boobs, because females do not seem to like staring at them. What’s more is that male have them too, albeit smaller than the majority of the females’. We love looking at them: small boobs, big boobs, normal size boobs, and fake boobs. We all have different preferences, yet there is one thing I think we can all agree on: we love perky boobs!

Humans are the only creatures on earth in which males need to caress, massage, kiss, lick, and suck those perky boobs during sexual foreplay. Female humans are also the only mammals whose boobs enlarge when they are of age, and who gets perky boobs when they get horny. Men are aroused just by the sight of a topless woman, because her breasts make a man horny and think of nothing else but to fuck her. Even titty shows are popular. Of course it is pretty obvious that women enjoy the attention given them because of their boobs. It is even used to manipulate men. This happens not just in the movies, but in real life too.

Men really love those perky boobs. They scream fuck; they beg to be fucked. Women’s boobs begin to perk up whenever they feel horny. When their nipples start to rise up and get hard, you know that their pussy is also wet. When you see your fuck buddy’s niiples get hard, you better start licking and sucking them, because that is a sign that they want to get on with the action. Majority of women like their perky boobs touched because it arouses them, and licking and sucking their nipples enhances their sexual experience. Now, that is one thing that women want that men are only too happy to oblige!

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