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The idea of police sex and the erotic allure of uniform and danger has been part of our collective lexicon for some time. A cop porn is the kind of erotic short story that depicts the life of a police officer in a police strip. This type of novel is usually written by a cop writer, who also plays the role of a fictional detective. Most of these books contain humorous chapters that are meant to lighten up the mood. For the readers, who loves these kind of novels, this is the ultimate novel for them to read. Some might read this genre, and find it hard to distinguish between a cop story and a detective story, but they don’t need to worry because the book does have the correct titles.

For those who love the traditional detective tale, you can enjoy a copy of The Pinkerton Detective Series. This series contains seven novels that all were written by James Patterson. The series consists of The Pinkerton Detective, Red Zone Blues, The Dead Man’s Hand, The Secret Life of Consulting Clients, The Librarian, The Road to Baghdad, and The Last Word. Another great fiction works that comes under the cop genre is the Sergeant Rock series. This series consists of three novels, which include the Cleaver, Cleaver At Large, and Don’t Tread on Me. They are well written with many different genres to make the reader more attracted to the novels. Explore page after page of free HD porn featuring sexy cops in uniform and ladies in a position of power. Will you be pulled over and frisked for a fun, playful time? In a pinch, target newer or trending cop sex videos or define the perfect duration that displays in the results. We give you a set of powerful sorting tools so you can find exactly what you want.

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