It might not be obvious for most, but people are actually generally more daring than they claim not to be. It’s just that most of us are afraid to take the risks of doing things that we consider as outrageous, even though we’ve always dreamed of doing them. Jumping from an airplane, climbing a huge mountain, walking on hot coals, these are just some of the things that we would love to do but are just too scared to even try. Well, it’s only logical to start with something simple like having sex in public. So why not start there, right? A lot of people have already tried having sex in public restrooms and changing rooms, so that’s pretty common already. Some have tried doing it in the office, in places within the building where no one usually goes like the fire escape or the stairs. But the pinnacle of having sex in public is definitely doing it in the pool.

Poolside Sex

Sure, having sex in the pool is a nasty idea for a lot of peole, as you’d be exposing your sensitive parts to the water, where others have already bathed in. But that’s the thing, having sex in public is already your “fuck it!” moment, so there’s no sense in thinking about the consequences until you get caught by other people. Having sex in the pool is actually a very fun experience, as you’re forced to act natural from your head until whatever part of your body is out of the water, all while getting nasty from the waist down. But if you’re one of those people who are really adventurous and don’t mind what other people think, then by all means do it until someone tells you to stop! Skinny dipping is already a liberating experience, especially for those who have been uncomfortable in their own skin for all of their lives until now, so pair that up with having nasty, dirty pool sex would definitely be an unforgettable experience.

When having pool sex, you don’t need to think about getting her wet down there, and that’s because the water will do that job for you. Penetration is now easier than ever, just make sure that you’re hard enough to get inside her. And that won’t really be a problem, given that you’ll see tons of girls in sexy bikinis around you.

While pool sex is definitely something that would blow your mind once you try it, not everyone has the opportunity, nor the courage to even try it. So for those who aren’t so lucky, they could instead watch girls in revealing swimwear expose their tight bodies under the pool water as they get rammed by guys who have dicks with erections the size of their arms. They’re surrounded by partially naked sexy ladies, after all. And where else could you find them having hot and steamy pool sex than ? With thousands of videos available, and more being added on a daily basis, you’ll never run out of content to beat your meat to. Don’t be sad if having sex in the pool is one of your sexual fantasies that you just don’t have the courage to do, you can instead watch voluptous pornstars do it in hopes that you would be able to try it out sooner or later yourself.

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