Public Sex

Public sex

Admit it, there are times when you just feel that being normal is not enough. The things that you do feel repetitive if you don’t do something to mix it up every now and then. If you eat the same type of dish or food everyday, you go through the same route on your way to work and back, and you watch the same TV show everyday, you’re bound to get bored eventually. It’s nice to have your palate taste new and different flavors, go through a different route and see a totally different scenery, and watch a show that’s an entirely different genre than what you’re watching right now. These things will make life less mundane, and it would definitely refresh your state of mind. Now, when it comes to sex, it’s actually very challenging to try things that are not up your alley. You’d be surprised as to how much a human body can do in terms of sexual intercourse. And you’ll surely enjoy trying different things to spice up your sex life.

Exhibitionists and Gonewild

Getting the usual blowjob, or having sex in missionary position is something that people normally do during coitus. It’s already getting monotonous, with you feeling like a robot doing all those things over and over again. Sure, you’ll still feel pleasure and you’ll still reach climax if you do those things, but it isn’t the same as when you first tried doing it. Want to experience an entirely different kind of thrill while having sex? Then you better muster up all your courage and break a few laws by having public sex! Having a quickie in a public bathroom with your equally horny girl is something that can’t be compared to doing it all in private. Every second you spend doing it out there, even if you’re inside a cubicle, would surely send shivers down your spine. The thought that you might get caught any second doing nasty things in a public place is just what some people need in order to restart their already-stale sex life. It doesn’t matter who might find out, although you should go for not getting caught in the first place, right? The worst thing that might happen to you and your partner would be to be charged for public indecency, which is actually worth all the trouble if you’re an adrenaline junkie. Doing it once would be considered as a misdemeanor, but if you do it a few times, then you might just get convicted of a felony. You don’t want to go to jail, don’t you?

Well, you actually don’t need to be physically out there and strutting your junk in public. If you want that adrenaline rush without the possibility of going to jail, then your next best option would be to watch public sex videos instead. You’ll find all sorts of people who are either stupid enough to do it, or are just enjoying life by going in the fast lane. These are the same people who enjoy showing the world just how intimate they are with their partner. Exhibitionists, as you might call them. But you better give them respect, as they are willing to do what most people are too afraid to even try it once. And if you’re trying to find the best clips showing crazy people having public sex, then has got you covered!

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