Not everyone who is horny and has a boner wants something extremely graphic or incredibly dirty. There are also those who want something a little more intimate and vanilla. If you relate to this, then you are probably looking for romantic porn! Do not worry if you think you are being too cheesy looking for this genre, there are a lot of people viewing vanilla sex and romantic porn on a daily basis. Romantic porn is rather popular for a reason that it resonates with you on a personal level, it is more intimate and sweet—the arousal does not rest on the dirty side of the sex but rather the overall atmosphere and mood of the porn couple. Maybe you are lonely and does not only want to jerk off to random naked ladies sucking big cocks, maybe you are looking for a deeper connection as acted by porn stars—perhaps you crave intimacy to get off, which is absolutely fine. In real life, a person enjoys sex more if it is with a person they care about, as there will be less body insecurities and more on sharing a sacred act. Romantic porn often features vanilla sex, there will lots of kissing which is not so common in your usual porn. The plot is also often ‘safe’ and not at all risky or taboo—this porn is made available and access for all ages legal to view porn.

Romance and Softcore Porn

The thing about romantic porn is it is depicted to involve ‘feelings’, often times sex in movies or celebrity porn are rather quick in screentime and do not show the entire act of ‘making-love’—romantic porn is to fill that gap and ease that boner you got from watching one of those romantic films. Romantic porn often have good angles and cinematography and often happens in bed, the making out part is hot with all the moaning and mewls because it is more intimate—nothing too dirty. If you perhaps feel lonely and missing your significant other, or maybe the person you like has broken up with you or does not return your feelings, and you crave sex and intimacy to play your imagination—then romantic porn is definitely your go-to. Often it is slow and sloppy, and eventually gets hot and needy in the middle of sex—that is what makes romantic porn incredibly hot, there is a build up and tension and intimacy involved in the act. If you want that kind of feeling, then what are you doing? Go help yourself jerk off your cock and feelings tonight with romantic porn!

In , there are several porn videos available for you under this genre. You will be surprised at how much of thousands of views romantic porn gets—this does not make you less of a man to have such fetish. In fact, it says a lot about your character to jerk off to this specific genre. There are, however, several subgenres attached to romantic porn, just type in your desired fetish and genres along with the keywords ‘romantic porn’ and see for yourself the amount of videos in high definition and premium quality. A lot of these videos last from a whole 5 minutes to 30 minutes, perfect to play to your imaginations tonight as you imagine having hot sex with someone you care about.

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