Short Hair

Short hair

Not everyone is attracted to women with long hair. A lot of men find women with short hair extremely tasteful. The girls themselves think it is boyish, which is why they like it in the first place. They feel like it is one way to get rid of men from and stop them from following their tracks. “Short hair, don’t care” is the attitude of women when they don this hairdo.

On the contrary, lots of dudes do like this hair style. Think of the 90’s, when Demi Moore rocked the entire world with her hair. Oh, recall that classic pottery molding scene, with a half-naked Patrick Swayze sit point the pot was farthest from her mind. She jumps into her arms and has sex with him – but the movie is not porn – so the sex scene was not shown, letting the audience simply use their imagination. That pottery scene is arguably one of the most romantic movie scenes in the last 30 years. Imagine if Demi Moore had long hair, that scene would not have worked the same magic as it did. That movie started the short hair revolution.

Short Hair Girls

Younger dudes can recall the younger beauties in later films. Take Halle Berry as a Bond girl and Catwoman and Scarlett Johanson as Black Widow. A lot of men dig these chicks. Women with short hair seem to be in good company.

What are the reasons why men go against the normal and are attracted to short hair rather than longer ones? One thing about short haired women is that they are different. Women who had the gall to cut their hair short means they have lots of self-confidence, and guys like that. They have that don’t care attitude that makes them so special.

Reinvention is also sexy. It appears like women who cut their hair are ready for the next phase of their lives. Women who are willing to change their appearance is screaming “Sex!” all over. While it is true that long hair is beautiful and smells good, it somehow gets in the way of a woman’s face whenever you kiss them, hug them, and snuggle up with them. You do not get any of those problems with a short haired woman. If you want to kiss her on the neck and nape, there is nothing stopping you. Women love to be licked in these erogenous zones. What’s more, each time she gives you a blowjob, her hair is not in the way. You can stare at her face the whole time she gives you the head; you have a clear view of your dick going in and out of her mouth with no need for moving her hair away.

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