It’s either you are the one spanking your partner, or you are the one on the receiving end. It doesn’t matter which side you are on, as long as you and your girl both view spanking as a way to spice things up in bed. We’ll celebrate hot spanking in all its forms and with page after page of sweet XXX videos. Get your face down and ass up because it is time for a spanking!

Spank Porn

Not all people view spanking as something you would do to enhance the whole sexual experience. In fact, a lot of people view it as something that still brings pain and is in no way giving pleasure to those who do it. But have you ever heard of BDSM? If not, then this particular acronym stands for Bondage, Discipline/Dominance, Submission/Sadism, Masochism. It’s those people who use whips, gags, collars, and other items that you’d normally use for other things that usually involve inflicting pain. While spanking does not involve using items in order for you to do it to your partner, it still involves pain on the receiver’s end if the deal. Although sometimes, paddles are used to do the spanking as well. Don’t think that people who do things like this are crazy, because it just means that normal or “vanilla” sex doesn’t cut it for them. They enjoy either inflicting or receiving pain, but they do it first and foremost with consent.

In BDSM, consent is the number one thing that you need before you proceed with doing the deed. That’s why you’ll see people use safe words or weird phrases that they say to inform their partner that they’ve reached their limit. Enjoying pain doesn’t mean you enjoy destroying your body. It’s just that these people gain sexual pleasure when feeling a certain amount of pain. And spanking, among other things, is too painful when it reaches a certain amount of force used on you.

Consent aside, spanking is definitely something that some people secretly enjoy. And because kinks like this tend to be looked down upon by other people, those who enjoy sex acts like this are forced to live their full lives underground. They prefer to keep their kinks private, sharing them with only their most trusted peers. You might be one of those people who secretly enjoy activities like this, so don’t think that you’re alone with your seemingly weird and unorthodox preferences. In fact, once you visit , you’ll immediately see that there are lots of other people who share the same sexual fantasies as you. On the website, you’ll easily find spanking porn videos that are performed by consenting adults. Even if it seems that they are suffering because of the pain, you should know that they are actually enjoying every moment of it, and so should you.

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