When everyone begins to talk about ass, Thai ass will always be a part of it. Asses are usually the domain of Latinas and Ebonies, and true enough, they do have amazing butts. If you want big, plump, tan-colored butts, women like J. Lo, Beyonce, and Shakira have the advantage there. Western men, to be honest, really prefer the uniqueness of Latina asses. Pale skinned girls do not really sell that much, although there would be no doubt that if you put a naked one in front of them, their dicks would turn hard in an instant. On the other hand, most other races like Asian asses, and Thai asses are easily one of the best!

Thai Booty

There is no one image of Thai women or a signature look, so to speak. Thai women are mixed. There are fair-skinned Thais, there are brown-skinned, and some are even yellow-skinned. Thai women also have sexy bodies; sexier than their Western counterparts. It must be about their genes since Thais do not seem to engage in lots of exercises. Their diet is also suspect, as Thais are known the world over for their fantastic street food scene. Yet the shape of their bodies, along with those yummy asses, are to die for.

Thai girls, it seems, are really built for sex. Sex tourism in Thailand is a huge industry, as many foreigners visit the country with one thing on their minds: Thai ass! Thailand seems to have all kinds of beautiful asses: peach-shaped asses, white asses, heart-shaped ones, asses that look like a pair of coconuts, bouncy ones, jiggly butts, smooth-skinned, and all other types of butts you fancy. Ask anyone who has been to Thailand, and they will surely tell you all the values of Thai asses.

Porn fans who have not been to Thailand, on the other hand, are still very much familiar with Thai asses. They have watched one of the best and greatest of all Thai porn stars, Natt Chanapa! Natt Chanapa, who became controversial for marrying a very old Caucasian guy who turned out to be a millionaire, has one of the most beautiful faces in the Thai entertainment industry. Contrary to most porn stars all over the world, Natt’s face looks like an angel. She has fair skin and bouncy tits. What makes her all the more impressive is her wonderful ass!

Many porn films have put Natt’s ass into good use. It was never put to waste each time they shoot a sex movie. Natt looks great in doggystyle positions, with her ass bouncing merrily as she is being humped. Natt’s ass is so fine, that it is every man’s fantasy to give her a good rimming. However, there is still no filmed evidence of whether Natt’s asshole had already been licked onscreen. If you want to see Natt’s ass – as well as other Thai asses – in action, there is only one place to go: . Watch plenty of Thai asses getting fucked to keep you horny with just a click of the mouse. Go ahead, watch now!

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