Tiny Dick

Tiny dick

You’ll often hear women fighting over with their friends about small and simple issues like what brand of makeup is best for them, or how lotion should be lathered on their skin. But the most common topic that women talk about when they’re with their friends is about the size of their man’s dick. For most women, it’s more sexually satisfying to be with a man who has a 12 inch penis. But you know what? Women are actually afraid of big penises. A woman’s vagina is very sensitive, so getting something big and girthy going in there would surely hurt her unless she’s used to getting long and thick objects inside of her pussy. You’d be surprised at this revelation, as you’d expect women to prefer big dicks just as much as men prefer big boobs and asses. But here’s the thing – men don’t get hurt by the size of a woman’s breasts or butt. But that is not the case with women. It doesn’t matter if a woman is a virgin, or if she already let lots of dicks into her hole. If her pussy is not lubricated enough to accept dicks that are as big and thick as what is usually described by women who compare their boyfriend’s dick sizes with one another, then she’ll definitely be in a world of pain even just by the first thrust.

Small Cock

Sure, there are women who need bigger dicks because they have bigger openings, but not all women are like that. An average woman is actually better off with a guy who has a tiny dick. A penis that has just the right size to get into that cave and scrape every single inch of her uterus, but not too small to even be seen. Well, it isn’t actually possible for a dick to be smaller than your fingers, but this is just referring to fully erect penises. There are in fact show-ers, or those whose dick are more or less the same size regardless if they’re flaccid or fully erected, and growers, men who seemingly have small dicks when not aroused, but grow a few inches longer when their little guy gets angered. A man with a tiny dick might just be a grower, but you’ll never know unless you see him all fired up and ready to go.

Whatever your preference is, you can’t deny that tiny dicks have a niche following for women who don’t want to get injured down there. Not all women have big holes that could cater to bigger and thicker dicks, that’s why having sex with a guy who has a small cock is more comfortable and enjoyable for them. Tiny dicks should not be the butt of jokes, rather they should be accepted because they are special in their own little way, no pun intended. And if you’re curious enough to see just how men with tiny dicks perform in bed as opposed to their bigger and girthy counterparts, then you should definitely head on over to to satisfy that thought.

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