It has been said that sex is a great cardiovscular workout. Obviously, if you are not a virgin, you would know that as you engage in sex, the heart beats faster. It gets worked up, just as it would when you are running or swimming. Thus, your heart gets strengthened each time you fuck. No, it is not an excuse to ask your partner for sex each time you feel horny. It has the backing of science. It is just really one great benefit of having sex.

Workout Sex

But what if you put them both together? I mean having sex and working out. Or working out while having sex? The result, I should say, would be explosive!

When watching porn, the gym is the last place you would expect for people to have sex in. After all, the reason why people trek to the gym is to workout. They are there to lift weights, to ride the treadmill or bike, to attend a yoga class or an HIIT class, or participate in a good old aerobics class. We do not expect to see people fucking there. Yet, if you look inside the gym, each corner or space or even equipment is a nice place to have sex.

It actually never fails. In yoga sex, the video starts with sexy ladies wearing tights and participating in a yoga session. The yoga teacher, a muscular male, patiently guides his wards into deep meditation. He will touch each one of the ladies, first in the arms, then her head, his hands will then go down to her chest, eventually he will be fondling her breasts while he starts to lick her ears. His fingers will then run down to her pussy to pleasure her with his fingers. Her moaning would signal her readiness to undress, and the sex begins. If lucky, all the other ladies in the room would join in the fun.

The treadmill is another fun gym equipment that has been used over and over again in workout porn videos. Spreadeagle or in doggy style position, fucking on the treadmill brings about total gratification.

A favorite equipment in the gym that has been converted into a sex toy is the medicine ball. Our porn star heroes fuck either doggy style or missionary on the medicine ball, with the sexy lady bouncing along with the medicine ball. Watch Tori Black or your favorite porn star get pounded on the medicine ball. Or if you prefer amateurs, there are plenty of them fucking in the gym.

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